Want to save some energy? Our fans have some tips


By Lisa Ogle

Bluebonnet recently solicited energy-saving tactics from our members on Facebook and got plenty of great suggestions. Here are a few of their ideas: 

  • Put a timer on the water heater. Only heat from 5 a.m. till 9 a.m., then 6 p.m. till 10 p.m., 8 hours per day. -Mike Keegan
  • I dry my clothes on the clothes line, especially sheets. -Elene Heyer
  • Turn off the lights and unplug what is not in use! -Liliana San
  • Replace weather strips along doors to keep unwanted exposure to heat or cool temps. -Mary Kieschnick
  • Invest in a heat-exchange fireplace blower! It will heat your house with minimal electricity! -Lisa Flowerree Bigon
  • We built a metal home with extra insulation in walls and sealed all gaps around outlets and doorways. -Melody Stojanik Huber
  • Open windows instead of turning on the air. -Jennifer Starkey 
  • I've lowered my bill to $150 by using space heaters and not running the AC or heater in months. We've had this house for 11 years and never had a bill below $300 before. -Allison Good-Loney
  • Programmable thermostat! -Sarah Fohn Voigt
  • Keep AC filters changed monthly. Keep curtains closed in the heat of the day. Use solar screens, too. -Penny Scott
  • Wear more clothes in the house. Keep blankets in the living room. If it's cold, exercise till you're warm -Shirley Rust
  • Do a lot of cooking in my Crockpot in the summer! -Shari Mills
  • Put foam board insulation in your light switch and electrical outlets. -Cathy Jonse
  • Change all your light bulbs to energy efficient bulbs. -Chastity Moore Gaertner
  • Lower that thermostat and snuggle! -Chris Files

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