MEMBER SERVICES Q&A: The benefit of capital credits


Nikki Ahlbrandt, member service representative 

Q: I’ve been a Bluebonnet member for a few years now and recall receiving a credit on my bill around this time last year for “capital credits.” I love getting money back, but I’d like to know more about how this benefit works.
A: “Benefit” is a great way of describing capital credits. One of the benefits of being a member of an electric cooperative like Bluebonnet is that you’re also an owner. When the co-op takes in more money than is required to run the business, the excess is returned to its members in the form of capital credits. 
Any active member who has bought electricity from Bluebonnet in the past year will receive a credit on his or her May bill, while former members who are owed a capital credit will receive a check in May or June. The amount each member receives depends on how much electricity he or she used in the previous years and how long he or she has been a Bluebonnet member. 
The total amount paid out depends on factors such as the impact the amount of money returned to members will have on electric rates and the financial strength of the co-op. Bluebonnet’s Board of Directors will weigh those factors before making a decision at this month’s meeting. Last year, the board returned $3 million to members, and in the past six years, members have received more than $24.9 million in capital credits. 
If you have any questions about capital credits, contact a member service representative by emailing, call 800-842-7708 during business hours or stop by one of our five member service centers in Bastrop, Brenham, Giddings, Lockhart or Manor. 
— Nikki Ahlbrandt, member service representative

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