Want to save energy? Our members have tips

Bluebonnet recently solicited energy-saving suggestions from our members on Facebook. Here are a few of their great ideas, edited for clarity: 

    •    We limit the use of our dryer by utilizing a good old fashioned clothesline. Keeps our house cooler! -Doedee Vann

    •    We do maintenance before the heat hits on windows and doors and regularly change AC filters. - Laura Lee

    •    I installed a thermostat that can be controlled by phone. If I’m coming home later than expected, I can remotely adjust the thermostat to stay warmer until it’s needed. - Eric Martinson

    •    I installed blackout window treatments on west-facing windows this spring. - Theresa McEvoy Estes

    •    When we built our house 35 years ago, most thought we'd gone way overboard with insulation, thermal windows, and other niceties to help conserve energy. Those things have helped keep our power usage and bill down for years! - Cheryl Cooper Cotton

    •    I use power strips and turn them off when electricity is not needed for lamps, computer, etc. - Cindy Richards DeLeuil

    •    We have sandwiches or ready-to-eat lunches to avoid using the oven during the heat of the day!!!! - Gina Gabriel Le Bouef 

    •    Use tap water setting on my washer. - Elene Heyer

    •    We set our thermostat on a timer to keep AC from running so much during the day.  - Sandy Wellbrock

    •    Switching to energy-efficient appliances helped a lot.  - Mercedes Cassity

    •    We keep indoor shutters closed and use ceiling fans! - Kay Nave Kohler

    •    We switched all bulbs to LED bulbs. - Margo Rodriguez

    •    We track our usage with the MyBluebonnet app! You can see the difference in the usage from cooler days to hotter days! - John Spiess

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