Better reliability for members in Burleson County


The new Cooks Point substation, above. Photo by Sarah Beal. 

In June, Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative completed construction of a new substation northeast of Caldwell, in Cooks Point. A substation converts high-voltage power that comes in on transmission lines to lower voltages that go out on Bluebonnet’s distribution lines to homes and businesses.

The Cooks Point substation will allow the cooperative to better serve members in the area by splitting up existing distribution lines into shorter segments. More than 1,200 meters will be served, including some larger commercial sites, along with future growth in the area. 

The new facility will reduce the distance from the substation to the meters, which will decrease exposure to issues that can cause outages and provide more reliable service.

The substation will also allow Bluebonnet to install devices that can reduce outage times. This is one of many projects intended to improve electric service reliability across Bluebonnet’s territory.

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