Before you use our cost estimator

This tool can help you estimate the cost of extending electric lines to a property.

What it will do

  • Give you a rough estimate for the work for a new single-family home, barn or well.
  • Handle a project that requires extending power lines no more than half a mile.
  • Let you run multiple scenarios to compare costs, based on size or type of structure, overhead versus underground lines, and distance.

What it won’t do

  • Account for conditions unique to your site, such as elevation changes, certain types of soil, and tree and brush removal.
  • Include costs for meter loops and special equipment.
  • Include costs associated with preparing underground service.
  • Determine a design or specific route or identify how facilities will be installed on your site.
Actual design and advance payment will be determined after you meet at your property with a Bluebonnet technician.

Ready to get started?

This tool is provided for general information only. Bluebonnet disclaims any express or implied warranty or accuracy of information obtained.